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Dried Fruit & Nuts

Fudco Premium Almonds 700g *Special Offer*

£6.99 Was £7.99

Heera Premium Pink Peanuts 1kg


Fudco Green Raisins 700g

£5.79 Was £5.99
2 for

East End Premium Cashew Nuts 700g


Natco Premium Cashew Nuts 1kg

2 for

Jabsons Roasted Peanuts - Chilly Garlic 140g

2 for

Jabsons Roasted Peanuts - Classic Salted 160g


Jabsons Roasted Peanuts - Lemon & Chilli 140g


Natco Premium Walnut Halves Kernel 700g *SPECIAL OFFER*

£8.99 Was £9.49

Fudco Red Peanuts 1kg


Fudco Black Raisins 250g

£3.49 Was £3.79

East End Red Peanuts 400g

£2.85 Was £2.99

Fudco Pink Peanuts 300g


Natco Cashew Nuts Large White Pieces 750g

£6.99 Was £7.29

Jabsons Roasted Peanuts - Black Pepper 140g


Jabsons Tikka Masala Coated Peanuts 400g (Large Pack)

£4.25 Was £4.79

Fudco Cashew Nuts 250g


Natco Premium Pistachio Kernel 250g


Natco Cashew Nuts Split 1kg

£8.49 Was £9.49

Fudco Green Raisins 250g


Fudco Premium Almonds 250g


Fudco Raisins Mannaka 75g


Natco Premium Cashew Nuts 300g

£4.25 Was £4.99

Fudco Extra Light Walnut Halves 600g


Fudco Golden Sultana 250g


Fudco Pistachio Kernel 200g


Fudco Premium Cashew Nuts 700g *SUPER SAVER OFFER*

£8.49 Was £9.99

Jabsons Gud Peanut Chikki 240g


Natco Premium Almonds 1kg *SPECIAL PRICE*


Fudco Extra Light Walnut Halves 175g


Fudco Pink Peanuts 1kg

2 for

East End Premium Almonds 700g *SPECIAL OFFER*


Fudco Coconut (Copra) Halves 200g


Fudco Pistachio Jumbo Roasted & Salted 700g


Fudco Pitted Dates 300g


Fudco Pitted Prunes 250g


Natco Coconut Halves 250g

£2.49 Was £2.79

Heera Premium Red Peanuts 1kg


East End Dried Apricots (with seeds) 250g

£2.49 Was £3.99

Fudco Dry Dates with Seeds 375g


Jabsons Fried Masala Peanuts 200g

2 for

Jabsons Roasted Peanuts - Spicy Masala 140g

2 for

Natco Premium Cashew Nuts 750g *SPECIAL OFFER*


Taste the Crunch: Bountiful Selection of Dried Fruits & Nuts

Bombay Basket offers a wide variety of dried fruit & nuts that cater to different tastes and preferences. This collection allows you to enjoy the goodness of nature's bounty while adding rich flavors and textures to your snacks and dishes. From premium almonds to unique nut blends, Bombay Basket presents a diverse range of options. 

Bombay Basket's selection includes a range of nuts, from traditional choices like cashews and almonds to creative options like pistachio kernels and roasted peanuts with flavorful coatings. These nuts not only serve as a delicious snack but also bring essential nutrients and energy to your diet. They can be enjoyed on their own or incorporated into various recipes, adding both taste and nutrition.

The assortment of dried fruits offered by Bombay Basket brings a delightful blend of sweet and savory to your table. From raisins and prunes to dried apricots and dates, these fruits can be used to create everything from wholesome breakfasts to delectable desserts. Their natural sweetness and chewy textures make them a versatile addition to both sweet and savory dishes.

The flavored peanut options, such as black pepper, spicy masala, and lemon & chilli-coated peanuts, provide an exciting twist to traditional snacking. These snacks combine the wholesome goodness of peanuts with a burst of flavor, creating an irresistible treat for your taste buds.

With Bombay Basket's dried fruit & nuts collection, you're indulging in delicious treats. The assortment of flavors, textures, and varieties allows you to explore different taste combinations and experiment with new recipes. Whether you're creating energy-packed trail mixes, adding a crunch to salads, or incorporating nuts into your baking, this collection provides ample opportunities for creativity.

Explore the offerings and infuse your meals and snacks with the goodness of nature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Nuts, Dried Fruits, and Roasted Peanuts

1. How can I use coconut halves (copra) in my cooking?

Coconut halves, also known as copra, can be grated, sliced, or shaved to add texture and flavor to both savory and sweet dishes. They are commonly used in curries, desserts, and baked goods.

2. What are jumbo roasted and salted pistachio kernels?

Jumbo roasted and salted pistachio kernels are large pistachio nuts that have been roasted to enhance their flavor and then lightly salted for a savory taste. They make for a delightful and satisfying snack.

3. Are there any health benefits associated with dried fruits and nuts?

Yes, dried fruits and nuts are often packed with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. They can contribute to heart health, provide essential nutrients, and offer a convenient and satisfying snack option.

4. How can I use dried fruits like raisins, sultanas, and prunes?

Dried fruits like raisins, sultanas, and prunes can be enjoyed as a quick snack or incorporated into breakfast cereals, yogurt, salads, and baked goods for added natural sweetness and texture.

5. Are these products suitable for people with dietary restrictions?

Many of these products are suitable for various dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan diets. However, it's important to check the packaging and ingredient lists to ensure they meet your specific dietary needs.

6. Can I buy these nuts and dried fruits in bulk?

Yes, several products offer bulk options such as 1kg packs or special offers for larger quantities. This can be convenient for those who enjoy these items regularly or want to stock up.