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Fresh Fruit & Vegetables



Aubergine small 1kg


Pre Pack Garlic (approx 6)


Fresh Indian Chikoo 500g


Fresh Indian Galka 250g

£2.99 Was £3.49

Fresh Indian Jelly Nut (Single Piece)


Farm Fresh Alphonso Mangoes (Box of 6 pieces)

£17.99 Was £19.99

Fresh Indian Chikoo 1kg

£9.99 Was £10.99

Fresh Arbi 1kg

£8.99 Was £11.99

Fresh Arbi 500g


Ash Gourd (Single Piece)


White Onions (Dutch) 1kg


Fresh Okra 2kg


Fresh Indian Suran 1kg


Fresh Butternut Pumpkin (Single Piece)


Lemon - pack of 4


Tinda 250g


Aubergine Large


Cucumber (single piece)


White Potatoes 2kg Bag


Tinda 500g


Fresh Guava (Amrood)


Fresh Indian Alphonso Mangoes (Box of 12 pieces)

£28.99 Was £29.99

Tindora 250g


Dudhi Single Piece


Ginger 500g


Fresh Indian Galka 1kg

£9.99 Was £10.99

Fresh Turmeric 1kg

£9.99 Was £11.99

Fresh Turmeric 500g

£5.49 Was £6.99

Fresh Amla (Indian Gooseberry) 1kg


Garlic 500g


Fresh Long Chillies 500g


Fresh Indian Kesar Mangoes (Box of 12 pieces)

£26.99 Was £29.99

Fresh Indian Suran 500g


Guwar 1kg


Lime - pack of 4


Red Onion - 500g




Fresh Arbi 250g


Fresh Papaya


Fresh Amla (Indian Gooseberry) 500g


Indian Onions (Bombay Onions) 1kg


Fresh Indian Lime Pack (approx 10 lime)


Fresh Coconut (with water inside) Single Piece


Green Capsicum - pack of 4


Green Mangoes (Raw Mangoes) 250g


Tindora 500g


Green Chillies 250g


Karela 250g


Buy Fresh Indian Vegetables and Fruits Online

Experience the vibrant flavors of India with Bombay Basket's assortment of fresh Indian vegetables and fruits. From essential cooking ingredients to exotic delights, our collection brings the richness of Indian cuisine to your doorstep.

Enhance your dishes with the Garlic and the Spring Onion, both offering aromatic depth to your culinary creations. The White Onions (Dutch) provide a versatile base for various recipes, ensuring your dishes are infused with authentic flavors.

Discover the bounty of nature with the Green Cabbage and the Cucumber (single piece), perfect for salads, and more. For a unique touch, try the Long Aubergine (Kenyan Ravaiya) – a versatile ingredient that adds both taste and texture to your meals.

Indulge in the goodness of nature with Bananas Bunch and the Royal Gala Apples, offering a delightful burst of natural sweetness. Experience the essence of Indian cooking with White Potatoes and Red Onionessential ingredients that form the backbone of countless recipes. Elevate your culinary creations with the Fresh Indian Suran, a versatile vegetable known for its distinctive taste.

Discover the earthy flavors of Guwar, Parwal, Turiya (Single Piece) and many more vegetables and fruits, offering a taste of regional Indian cuisines.  Elevate your dishes with aromatic ingredients like Fresh Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and Fresh Curry Leaves Packet. These additions infuse your cooking with the fragrant essence of India.

Explore and buy fresh Indian vegetables and fruits at Bombay Basket, where each product brings the authentic taste of India to your kitchen.