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Indian Snack Favourites



Maggi Magic Masala Sachet 6g

£0.15 Was £0.49

Balaji Chaat Chaska Large pack 135g *LIMITED TIME OFFER*

£0.50 Was £0.79

KurKure Solid Masti 80g


Balaji Ratlami Sev Family Pack 400g *SPECIAL OFFER*

£2.49 Was £2.95
2 for

Balaji Masala Masti Large Pack 150g *SUPER SAVER OFFER*

£1.00 Was £1.95

Haldiram's Tasty Nuts 150g

£1.09 Was £1.49

Balaji Sing Bhujia 400g (Family Pack) *SPECIAL OFFER*


Lays India's Magic Masala 50g Pack of 30 *SUPER SAVER OFFER*

£16.80 Was £19.99
2 for

Haldiram's Bhujia Family Pack 400g *SUPER SAVER OFFER*


KurKure Masala Munch 80g (Pack of 30) *SUPER SAVER OFFER*

£16.80 Was £19.99

Maggi Pazzta Cheese Macaroni 65g *PACK OF 10 OFFER*

£6.99 Was £8.99

Haldiram's Bhelpuri 150g (Pack of 10)

£18.99 Was £22.99

Lays American Style Cream & Onion 50g Pack of 10 *SPECIAL OFFER*

£6.99 Was £7.99

Haldiram's Tasty Nuts 150g (PACK OF 10) *MEGA OFFER*

£9.99 Was £12.99

Nissin Geki Hot & Spicy Korean Cheese Noodles 80g

£0.49 Was £0.85

Haldiram’s Poha 80g


Rajnigandha Flavoured Pan Masala 100g


Nissin Geki Hot & Spicy Korean Cheese Noodles 80g (PACK OF 10)

£2.99 Was £7.99

Maggi Masala Noodles 70g (Pack of 30) *SUPER SAVER SALE*

£9.99 Was £10.99
2 for

Jabsons Gud Peanut Chikki 240g

£1.99 Was £2.99
2 for

Maggi Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce 1kg *MEGA PACK*

£3.99 Was £4.99

Ganesh Bikaneri Moong Papad 200g

£1.75 Was £1.99

Jaimin Premium Pani Puri 45 pieces (ready to eat)

2 for

Britannia Milk Rusk 560g


Nissin Geki Hot & Spicy Korean Veg Noodles 80g (PACK OF 10)

£2.99 Was £7.99

Haldiram's Bhujia Family Pack 400g (PACK OF 10) *MEGA OFFER*

£18.99 Was £22.99

Jaimin Chat Puri 200g *NEW*

£1.79 Was £1.99

Jaimin Thin Sev 200g


Nissin Top Ramen Curry Noodles 50g

£0.45 Was £0.75

Haldiram's Bhelpuri 200g


Jaimin Plain Khakhra 200g


Haldiram’s Bhelpuri with Chutney 200g

£2.25 Was £2.49

Chheda's Yellow Banana Crisps 170g


Jaimin Fenugreek Chilli Khakhra 200g


Haldiram's Dal Biji 200g


Jaimin Roasted Poha Chevda 200g


Haldiram's Chai Puri 200g

£2.25 Was £2.49

Haldiram’s Boondi Salted 200g

£2.25 Was £2.49
2 for

Saras Fafda Gathiya (with Kadhi & Chillies) 250g


Saras Peanut Chikki 200g


Jaimin Salted Boondi 200g

£1.75 Was £1.99

Balaji Farali Chevdo Large Pack 400g

£3.25 Was £3.49
2 for

Haldiram Gulab Jamun 1kg


Haldiram's Long Sev 200g

£2.25 Was £2.49

Jaimin Farali Khakhra 200g


KurKure Solid Masti 80g Pack of 30 *SUPER SAVER OFFER*

£14.40 Was £19.99

Nissin Top Ramen Curry Noodles 50g (PACK OF 10)

£4.25 Was £4.99

Balaji Sev Mumra Plain 250g *SPECIAL OFFER*

£1.75 Was £1.85

Embark on a Flavorful Snacking Adventure with Bombay Basket's Selection

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Experience a fusion of flavors with Maggi Pazzta Masala Penne. Dive into the nutty goodness of Haldiram's Chana Nuts. Indulge in the fiery flavor of Balaji Ratlami Sev.

Elevate your snack time with Haldiram's Nut Cracker. Delight in the traditional taste of Kirtiraj Chorafali. Experience the essence of Indian tradition with Rajnigandha Flavoured Pan Masala.

From the comfort of your home, Bombay Basket brings you an assortment of Snacks Products that celebrate the art of snacking.