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Natco Premium Chick Peas 2kg


East End Premium Red Kidney Beans 500g

£2.49 Was £2.99

TRS Premium Chick Peas 2kg *MEGA OFFER*

£4.85 Was £5.99

Natco Chick Peas 500g


Natco Premium Brown Chick Peas (Kala Chana) 2kg

£4.85 Was £5.25

East End Premium Red Kidney Beans 2kg

£6.25 Was £6.85

Natco Premium Mung Beans 500g

£1.39 Was £1.99

Fudco Chick Peas 1.5kg

£5.79 Was £5.99

Fudco Premium Black Eye Beans 1.5kg


East End Premium Black Eyed Beans 500g


Fudco Popping Corn 500g


Fudco Red Kidney Beans 1.5kg


Fudco Red Chowri (Red Cow Peas) 500g


Natco Popping Corn 500g


TRS Premium Whole Yellow Peas 2kg

£3.89 Was £4.25

East End Premium Rose Coco Beans 1kg

£4.99 Was £5.49

Fudco Black Turtle Beans (Black Beans) 500g


East End Premium Black Eye Beans 2kg


Fudco Black Eye Beans 500g


Fudco Butter Beans 1kg


Fudco Pigeon Peas 1.5kg


Fudco Red Kidney Beans 500g *SPECIAL OFFER*

£2.25 Was £2.49

Fudco Rose Coco Beans 1.5kg


Fudco Rose Coco Beans 500g


Fudco Yellow Peas 1.5kg

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Natco Premium Soya Chunks 150g *MEGA OFFER*


Buy Various Types of Beans Only at Bombay Basket

Bombay Basket is an online Indian grocery store in the UK, that offers a diverse range of beans that cater to a variety of culinary preferences. These beans provide an authentic taste of Indian cuisine, allowing you to infuse your dishes with rich flavors and nutritious ingredients. From premium chickpeas to black-eyed beans and more, Bombay Basket curates a selection that suits both traditional recipes and modern culinary creations.

Beans are a cornerstone of Indian cooking, known for their versatility and nutritional value. Bombay Basket presents an array of choices, from popular options like chick peas to unique varieties such as black turtle beans and red cow peas. Each type of bean offers a unique texture and taste profile, allowing you to experiment with different dishes and cooking techniques.

With each bean variety, you're not only receiving a high-quality ingredient but also a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Indian gastronomy. These beans have been integral to Indian cooking for generations, adding depth and flavor to a wide range of traditional dishes. Incorporating these beans into your meals allows you to connect with the culinary heritage of India.

Bombay Basket's collection of beans extends beyond its culinary appeal. We carry cultural significance, offering you the chance to explore different facets of Indian cuisine. With each bean type, you're embarking on a culinary journey that adds depth and authenticity to your meals.