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Indian Groceries in Cambridge



Haldiram's Bhelpuri 150g (Pack of 10)

£14.99 Was £22.99

East End Pure Butter Ghee 500g

£4.99 Was £6.99

KurKure Chaat Fills - Bhel Chutney Twist 40g (PACK OF 30)

£3.99 Was £12.99
2 for

Patanjali Pure Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil 1L (FULL BOX OF 12 BOTTLES)

£39.99 Was £49.99

East End Pure Butter Ghee 1kg

£8.99 Was £11.99


£14.99 Was £19.99

Heera Besan (Gram Flour) 2kg *SPECIAL OFFER*

£3.49 Was £4.99


£12.99 Was £19.99
2 for

Limca Family Size Bottle 2L

£2.99 Was £3.49

Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta 5kg *MEGA OFFER*


Parle G Family Pack (10 Pack) 800g

£1.49 Was £2.49

Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta 10kg

£19.99 Was £22.99
4 for

Frooti Mango Drink 1L

£1.25 Was £2.25

KurKure Chaat Fills - Bhel Chutney Twist 40g (PACK OF 10)

£1.99 Was £6.99

Maaza Mango Juice 600ml (FULL BOX OF 24 BOTTLES)

£22.99 Was £24.99
4 for

Thums Up Bottle 750ml *SPECIAL OFFER*

2 for

Thums Up Cans 300ml Case of 24

£18.00 Was £22.99

Thums Up Glass Bottle 300ml *MEGA OFFER*


Thums Up Glass Bottles 300ml (FULL BOX OF 24 BOTTLES)

£18.99 Was £21.99

Maggi Pazzta Masala Penne 65g *PACK OF 10 OFFER*

£5.49 Was £8.99

Limca Bottle 250ml *SPECIAL OFFER*

£0.89 Was £0.95
2 for

Aashirvaad Shudh Chakki Atta 5kg *MEGA OFFER*

£8.79 Was £11.99

Limca Glass Bottles 200ml (FULL CASE OF 24 BOTTLES) *MEGA OFFER*

£12.00 Was £15.99

Patanjali Pure Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil 1L *Special Offer*

£3.75 Was £5.99
2 for

Mirinda Glass Bottles 300ml (FULL CASE OF 24 BOTTLES)

£21.99 Was £24.99
5 for

Limca Bottle 750ml


Limca 250ml Bottles (PACK OF 10) *SUPER SAVER OFFER*

£6.99 Was £8.99

Limca 750ml Bottles (PACK OF 10) *SUPER SAVER OFFER*

£8.99 Was £14.99

Maggi Masala Noodles 70g (PACK OF 50) *SUPER SAVER OFFER*

£12.99 Was £14.99

Cadbury Bournvita 500g *MEGA OFFER*

£4.99 Was £7.49

Fresh Indian Chikoo 1kg

£9.99 Was £10.99
2 for

Maggi Masala Noodles 70g Full Box (96 Packets)

£22.99 Was £27.99

Heera Premium Butter Ghee 2kg

£16.49 Was £18.99

KurKure Green Chutney Style 80g (Pack of 30) *SUPER SAVER OFFER*

£11.99 Was £19.99
4 for

Ching's Schezwan Chutney 250g *MEGA OFFER*

£1.99 Was £2.49

Fortune Pure Indian Mustard Oil 1L (Full Box of 12 bottles) *SUPER SAVER OFFER*


Maggi Magic Masala Sachet 6g

£0.15 Was £0.49
2 for

Limca Glass Bottle 200ml



£0.99 Was £1.75
2 for

MTR Rice Idli Mix 500g *SUPER SAVER OFFER*

£1.99 Was £2.99

Haldiram's Bhelpuri 150g

£1.99 Was £2.25

Balaji Chaat Chaska Large pack 135g *LIMITED TIME OFFER*

£0.50 Was £0.79
2 for

Bambino Roasted Vermiceilli 800g *SPECIAL OFFER*

£2.99 Was £3.99

Fortune Pure Indian Mustard Oil 1L *MEGA LIMITED TIME OFFER*


KurKure Chaat Fills - Papdi Chaat Twist 40g

£0.39 Was £0.85
2 for

Parle Hide & Seek 82.5g


East End Premium Chick Peas 500g


East End Fennel Seeds 100g


Bombay Basket: Your Premier Indian Grocery Destination in Cambridge

In the heart of Cambridge, Bombay Basket shines as the top choice for quality Indian groceries. As a leading Indian Grocery Store in Cambridge, we offer a diverse and vibrant selection of products that cater to your culinary and cultural needs.

Our store is a haven for food enthusiasts, with offerings ranging from the freshest fruits and vegetables to an extensive collection of herbs, spices, and masalas. Lentils, pulses, beans, or just a satisfying snack, we have it all. Our aisles are stocked with delights, including crisps, dried fruits, and nuts. Don't forget to explore our selection of pickles, chutneys, and sauces to add a burst of flavor to your meals. For the staples of Indian cuisine, our range of rice and flour options are of top-notch quality, and our dairy section offers an array of products to suit your cooking and consumption needs.

Bombay Basket transcends the boundaries of a traditional grocery store; it's a celebration of the rich and diverse tapestry of Indian culture. Beyond the realm of the kitchen, we extend our offerings to encompass Pooja Items and Incense Sticks, Hair and Beauty essentials, and products tailored to enhance your Health and Wellbeing. Satisfy your sweet cravings with our Fresh Mithai and Farsan. Furthermore, we present an array of Bulk Offers, a treasure trove for the savvy shopper, and don't overlook our intriguing Korean Noodles section, ready to add a delightful twist to your culinary journey.

Our commitment to authenticity is mirrored in the care with which we select and pack all our Indian groceries. Whether you're looking for a comprehensive selection of Online Indian Groceries to buy, a dedicated Indian Grocery Store, an extensive Indian Supermarket, or the finest Asian grocery shop in Cambridge, Bombay Basket is your ultimate destination for buying best price groceries. Come and experience the vibrant flavors of India with us, and have your top-quality groceries delivered to your doorstep.