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MTR's South Indian Kitchen Staples: A Mix of Tradition and Convenience

  02 Nov 2023

Embrace the essence of South Indian culinary heritage with MTR, a renowned brand offering a diverse range of authentic mixes and ingredients. From flavorful spices to convenient meal solutions, MTR brings the rich flavors and traditional tastes of South India to your kitchen. Crafted with care and expertise, MTR products simplify the preparation of iconic dishes like dosas, idlis, upma, and more, ensuring that each meal retains its authentic taste and essence. Dive into a world of convenience without compromising on the delightful flavors of South Indian cuisine with MTR's trusted and time-honored offerings.

MTR Sambar Mix

MTR Sambar Mix embodies the authentic flavors of South Indian cuisine. This mix comprises a blend of carefully selected spices and lentils, allowing you to prepare traditional and flavorful sambar easily. It's a convenient solution for those seeking the rich taste of homemade sambar without the hassle of grinding spices.

MTR Lemon Rice Powder

The MTR Lemon Rice Powder offers a delightful zest to your rice dishes. Infused with tangy lemon flavor and a harmonious mix of spices, this powder simplifies the preparation of tangy and aromatic lemon rice. It's a convenient way to add a burst of tanginess and a touch of South Indian zest to your meals.

MTR Cuppa Vegetable Upma

MTR Cuppa Vegetable Upma is a savory and nourishing blend of semolina, vegetables, and aromatic spices. It's a quick and hassle-free option for a wholesome breakfast or a light meal. This convenient pack offers the authentic taste of upma, ensuring a flavorsome and satisfying experience.

MTR Dal Oats

The MTR Dal Oats blend combines the goodness of oats with the nutrition of dal (lentils). It's a healthy and wholesome option, providing a balanced meal with the goodness of fiber, proteins, and essential nutrients. This innovative mix is ideal for those looking for a nutritious and filling meal option.

MTR Masala Idli Mix

MTR Masala Idli Mix is a convenient way to prepare fluffy and flavorful idlis at home. This mix includes a blend of lentils, spices, and seasoning, allowing you to create delicious, soft idlis with an authentic South Indian taste. It's a time-saving solution for those craving homemade idlis.

MTR Roasted Vermicelli

MTR Roasted Vermicelli offers a versatile base for various culinary creations. It's roasted to perfection, providing a quick and easy way to prepare delicious vermicelli dishes. Whether used in savory or sweet recipes, this vermicelli adds texture and taste to your meals, making cooking effortless.

MTR Sambar Powder 200g

MTR Sambar Powder is a flavorful blend of spices, carefully crafted to replicate the traditional taste of South Indian sambar. It includes a mix of aromatic spices and lentils, making it convenient to prepare authentic and aromatic sambar at home.

MTR Vada Mix 500g

MTR Vada Mix offers an easy and convenient way to prepare crispy and delicious vadas at home. This mix contains a balanced blend of lentils and spices, enabling you to make flavorful and traditional South Indian vadas effortlessly.

MTR Rava Dosa Mix 500g

The MTR Rava Dosa Mix is a hassle-free solution for preparing crispy and savory dosas. It contains semolina (rava), spices, and seasoning, allowing you to create thin and lacy dosas with the authentic taste and texture of South Indian cuisine.

MTR Madras Sambar Powder Mix 100g

Similar to the regular Sambar Powder, the Madras Sambar Powder Mix offers a more specific blend, perhaps catering to regional taste preferences. This mix provides a convenient option to create a flavorsome and authentic Madras-style sambar.

MTR Rasam Powder 200g

MTR Rasam Powder is a traditional spice mix used to prepare rasam, a tangy and aromatic South Indian soup. This blend includes a combination of spices and herbs, enhancing the flavor of the soup and adding a delightful zest to the dish.

MTR Poha 160g

MTR Poha is flattened rice that serves as a versatile ingredient in various Indian dishes. It's easy to cook and commonly used to prepare breakfast dishes like poha or as an ingredient in snacks and desserts.

MTR Puliyogare Powder 200g

MTR Puliyogare Powder is a tangy and spicy spice mix used to prepare Puliyogare, a traditional South Indian rice dish. It combines tamarind, spices, and other ingredients to create a flavorful and aromatic seasoning for the dish.

MTR Khaman Dhokla Mix 500g

MTR Khaman Dhokla Mix offers a convenient way to prepare Khaman Dhokla, a savory and spongy Gujarati snack. This mix includes the necessary ingredients and spices, enabling you to easily make fluffy and flavorful dhoklas at home.

MTR Khatta Meetha Poha 160g

MTR Khatta Meetha Poha is a variation of flattened rice (poha) seasoned with a sweet and tangy flavor profile. This offer provides a special deal on this delightful snack, combining the sweetness and tanginess for a unique taste experience.

MTR Uttappam Mix 500g

The MTR Uttappam Mix simplifies the preparation of uttappams, thick savory pancakes popular in South Indian cuisine. This mix contains a blend of ingredients, making it easier to create delicious and flavorful uttappams at home.

MTR Cuppa Khatta Meetha Poha 80g

Similar to the Khatta Meetha Poha, the Cuppa variant offers a convenient and portable option for a quick snack. It provides the sweet and tangy flavors of poha in a smaller, ready-to-eat pack.

MTR Minute Rasam Garlic 4x15g Sachets

MTR Minute Rasam Garlic sachets offer a quick and easy way to prepare rasam, a traditional South Indian soup. These sachets contain pre-measured spice mixes, allowing for instant preparation of garlic-infused rasam.

MTR Rava Idli Mix 500g

MTR Rava Idli Mix simplifies the preparation of Rava Idlis, a variation of idlis made using semolina (rava). This mix includes the necessary ingredients to create soft and flavorful idlis with the goodness of semolina.

MTR Vada Mix 200g

The MTR Vada Mix in a smaller pack offers convenience for preparing crispy and flavorful vadas, a popular South Indian snack made from lentils and spices.

MTR Vermicelli 950g

MTR Vermicelli provides a larger quantity of fine, roasted vermicelli, which is a versatile ingredient used in various dishes, both sweet and savory, in Indian cuisine.

MTR Spiced Chutney Powder 200g

This Spiced Chutney Powder, currently on special offer, is a flavorful condiment typically made with a blend of spices and lentils. It's often used as a seasoning or accompaniment to enhance the taste of various dishes.

MTR Upma Mix 160g

MTR Upma Mix is a convenient way to prepare Upma, a savory and wholesome South Indian dish made from semolina and spices. This offer provides a special discounted price for a pack of Upma Mix, allowing you to enjoy this traditional dish at a great value.

MTR Dosa Mix 500g

MTR Dosa Mix offers a hassle-free solution to create crispy and delicious dosas. This special offer allows you to purchase three packs of the 500g Dosa Mix at a discounted price, enabling you to enjoy authentic dosas conveniently and economically.

MTR Rice Idli Mix 500g

MTR Rice Idli Mix simplifies the preparation of soft and fluffy rice idlis. This offer presents an opportunity to buy three packs of the 500g Rice Idli Mix at a reduced price, making it easier to relish the goodness of homemade idlis without compromising on taste.

Each MTR product is crafted to offer convenience without compromising on the authentic taste and flavors of traditional South Indian cuisine. They provide an opportunity to savor these dishes at home, maintaining the essence of homemade goodness.